Champro Excel Full Custom Traditional Shorts

  • Adult
  • Call For Pricing: 844-644-6289
  • Fully Embellished
  • Adult Sizes XS – 3XL
  • *Cost Varies 2XL - 3XL*
  • Youth
  • Call For Pricing: 844-644-6289
  • Fully Embellished
  • Youth Sizes S – XL

Available Colors:

  • Full Custom up to 35 colors available

Product Description:

Fully Custom offers over 35 vibrant colors to choose from. Our colors are carefully calibrated to give your uniform the right pop of color.

Customizable Textures to add unique look to any unifrom.

Fabrics are designed with maximum saturation in mind. Maximum saturation means your uniforms will look great no matter what color you choose.

Shorts will not fade like traditional decoration because the sublimated inks are fused directly into the fabric.

Fabrics are constructed of high-quality materials that perform just as hard as you do.

Size Chart: View PDF
Manufacturer: Champro
Model Number: J-TRKS1
Fit: Adult Fit
Fiber content: Z-Cloth

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For over 25 years, CHAMPRO Sports® has manufactured high performance equipment and apparel for America's athletes. CHAMPRO Sports® equipment and apparel is manufactured in the best and most experienced factories in the world.

CHAMPRO Sports® maintains specifications and performance standards equal to, and in many cases exceed those of more heavily advertised brands. CHAMPRO Sports® does not pay professional athletes or teams to use or endorse our equipment. Teams and athletes choose our products because they perform better.


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